The University of Illinois at Chicago

Transfer Admission Guarantee

The Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program is a partnership between specific Illinois Community Colleges and the University of Illinois at Chicago that offers a guaranteed transfer pathway to several UIC programs. TAG offers certainty to parents and students who want to transfer to UIC rather than attend as first year students.

Benefits of TAG

The UIC Transfer Admission Guarantee program offers guaranteed admission into the University of Illinois at Chicago for students who are currently attending an Illinois community college with an active TAG agreement and are planning to transfer into a participating UIC baccalaureate degree program. Students who actively participate in the TAG Program will receive counseling and benefits that exceed those of a regular transfer student. Best of all, you can rest assured that once you complete your studies at your community college you will have a place at UIC.

So what does this mean for you?

Eligibility for TAG

To enter the program you must be enrolled in a participating Illinois community college, meet with your community college academic advisor/transfer director, sign the TAG participation form and complete the requirements of the TAG program before applying to UIC.

After joining, there will be additional paperwork to file. You will also need to stay in contact with your UIC transfer representative and maintain a 3.0 or better GPA, while satisfying additional requirements listed in the TAG participation form.

For more information on TAG qualifications please contact your school's TAG Advisor. If you need help determining your school's TAG advisor use the find my TAG representative on this page.

Overview of Requirements

  • Apply for TAG participation no later than the first two weeks of your final year at a participating community college
  • Earn a minimum transfer GPA of 3.00 overall and in required major preparation courses
  • Successfully complete the community college equivalent of required courses listed on the program's section of this website
  • Transfer to UIC within three years of signing the TAG participation form
  • Meet with your school's TAG advisor and create a Transferology account
  • Apply to UIC in either February or September depending upon the semester you plan to enter UIC
  • Meet with your school's TAG advisor to verify eligibility

Involvement with TAG

TAG is a partnership between UIC and your community college. The best source of information for your college’s TAG agreement are academic advisors or transfer directors at your school. These TAG advisors are the experts in helping you prepare for TAG and ultimately your transition to UIC.

Are you still unsure who to contact? Not a problem, use the find my TAG representative feature to find your TAG advisor.

3 Simple steps to get involved

  1. Sign up for more information on this page
  2. Fill out your school's TAG participation form and submit it to your school's TAG advisor
  3. Follow the program requirements on this page alongside with Transferology recommendations for your school and UIC

Find my TAG Advisor

To find out if you qualify for the TAG program please contact your community college advisor or transfer director. Do you need help finding your transfer advisor or transfer director? Not a problem, use the TAG representative directory below by selecting your community college.

Contact UIC TAG Staff

If you are in need of further assistance, don’t worry, you can contact UIC TAG staff at by filling out the form on this page or calling 312-355-0564 between 9am - 5pm (CST/CDT). While you wait for a response be sure to check out the frequently asked questions page for answers to commonly asked question about UIC TAG.