The University of Illinois at Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being in the TAG program?

The benefits of the TAG program are numerous, but to name a few:

  1. You will be guaranteed a spot at UIC within the degree program of your choosing.
  2. You will receive transfer counseling from a member of the UIC Transfer Outreach and Support team to ensure you are taking the right steps and are on-track to transfer.
  3. You will be invited to participate in events both on your campus and ours.
  4. You will receive your admission decision sooner than most transfer students applying for the same semester.

What if I’m not qualified for TAG or I wish to apply for a degree that is not part of TAG?

If you do not qualify for TAG you will want to be sure to follow your transferology guide to ensure you are taking the courses required for your degree program at UIC. This ensures that when you are ready you may simply apply as a transfer student through our regular transfer process.

Does it matter that I am an international or undocumented student?

Your citizenship status has no bearing on whether or not you can participate in this program. As long as you are a student at a participating community college and you meet the TAG requirements we would love to have you join us as a member of the next TAG cohort.

What happens if my gpa falls below a 3.0 when I apply to UIC?

No need to worry. Sometimes things happen that may affect your gpa causing it to transfer over to UIC under the required 3.0. As long as you have submitted everything that we ask for your application will be added in with the other transfer applications and you will then be considered along with all other transfer students for a spot in your chosen field of study. This means you are no longer guaranteed a spot and will be required to compete with other applicants for entry into UIC.

What if I transfer before receiving my associate’s degree?

Although we strongly encourage you to complete your associate’s degree before you transfer to UIC, if you do happen to leave your community college and you are missing a class or two it may be possible to do what we call a “reverse transfer”. In other words, you would complete those last few courses during your first year at UIC and with your permission, we will send a copy of your UIC transcript with your final grades back to your community college so that you may then be awarded your associate’s degree.

Last modified: August 14, 2023 08:58am.